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New Group Registration Form

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Effective July 19, 2013, TICO has assumed the administration function of TICO’s Education Standards Program, previously administered on TICO’s behalf by the CITC. Individuals and groups wishing to write any of the TICO exams will need to contact TICO to register.  Every effort will be made to ensure that there is a smooth transition for exam candidates as TICO assumes the administrative function.    

If you are unable to locate the information that you seek on TICO’s website, do not hesitate to contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Travel Industry Council of Ontario
2700 Matheson Blvd. East
Suite 402, West Tower
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 4V9

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax: 905-624-8631

Lori Furlan, TICO Exam Co-ordinator
Tel: 905-624-6241 ext 231
Toll free: 1-888-451-8426 ext 231

Heather Wilkins, TICO Exam Co-ordinator
Tel: 905-624-6241 ext 257
Toll free: 1-888-451-8426 ext 257

Review the entire procedure before you begin registration. All sections need to be completed.

It is recommended that the Group Registration form be completed by one person at the company/agency who is registering the entire group. TICO will not accept typed lists or spreadsheets with names of group exam candidates. The group must register their own members. However, should a situation arise where a group requests TICO's assistance in registering the names of group members, TICO will be pleased to quote a fee for inputting the information on the group's behalf.

Please note that you must register to write the TICO Exam(s) at least 14 days prior to your chosen writing date.

Group Registration is a two-step process:

  • Step One: Enter in all the general information, common to every member of the group
  • Step Two: Enter in the information for each person in the group. There are two ways of doing this (see below)

STEP ONE : Enter in the group information that is common to all members of the group (Agency, Exam date, location, Proctor)

  • Group Information. This information is common to each member of the group. Therefore, you only need to complete this information once for each exam location. The contact name, telephone and email should be for the group administrator with whom TICO will communicate on behalf of the entire group.
  • Exam Information. This information is common to each member of the group. Remember that a group is 5 or more people writing in the same location and at the same time. Example: Monday September 7th, 2010 at 9:00 am at 123 Main Street, Timmins, ON.
  • Group Proctor Information. All areas must be completed. If a proctor has not yet been approved by TICO, the exam candidate should review the Proctor Guide and give it to the proposed Proctor in order to prepare the individual for his/her role in the exam writing process. Please note that the proposed Proctor must fill out the online application form and fax or email his/her ID to TICO. TICO will then confirm the acceptability of the individual as a Proctor and ensure that he/she understands his/her role.
  • One proctor may be used for up to 25 candidates, provided that the proctor has a clear view of all the candidates writing the exam at the same time. In situations where candidates are writing in separate cubicles or offices, more than one proctor may be necessary to supervise. For groups of over 25 candidates, one proctor is required for each additional 15 candidates, again, assuming that the proctor has clear sight lines to all the exam candidates. If the group does require more than one Proctor, and the additional proctors have not been approved by TICO please have each additional Proctor fill out the application form and fax or email his/her ID to TICO.

Please Note: TICO looks into all Proctor applications before determining their acceptability. If a candidate wishes to change a Proctor after TICO has already approved one, then TICO requires a minimum of 5 working days to process the new Proctor. If there are not 5 working days left before the scheduled exam date, the candidate may pay an expedited fee of $24.00 to have the new proctor approved in time for the exam, or if it is simply not possible to approve the new Proctor in time, then the matter will be treated as a Re-Schedule (See Fees and Forms Page)

STEP TWO: Enter in the candidate information and create the group – one name at a time.

There are two options for filling in the names of the members of the group, along with the required information for each member.

  1. You can fill in the information on the template spreadsheet provided on the registration form, and then upload this to your computer. You will then be prompted to select this file to upload to the registration form. Once completed, the information will automatically be posted in a special secure Exam database.
  2. OR ....You can use the website form and type in the information for each group member, one at a time. After each person's information has been input, click "add". The first person's information will be saved and then you can continue to add in the next person.
  • List of Candidates: All the information must be provided. Each candidate's date of birth is required for identification purposes. The address that you type in will be the one used to send the individual candidate his/her exam results. Please remember to fill in the Postal Code. After candidate information is automatically saved, you may use the "edit" or "remove" button if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure that the candidates' names are spelled correctly and also that the mailing address (where the results will be sent) is correct. If a candidate's name is misspelled on the registration form, resulting in the need for TICO to re-issue their Certificate or other documentation, then a $15.00 administration fee will apply.

  • Third Party Notification. At the time of registration, a candidate may request that their exam results be sent directly to a third party (eg. supervisor, trainer etc). In each instance, TICO requires signed permission from the candidate. It is up to the candidate to forward this signed permission to TICO. TICO will not contact candidates to ask them if information can be released to a third party. Please note that this form must be submitted (or re-submitted) each time you register to write (or re-write) the exam

    Download the Third Party Authorization Form
  • NOTE: After a candidate writes the Exam and receives their results, it is the candidate's responsibility to communicate their results, if they so choose, to a third party. TICO will not entertain requests to forward results to a 3rd party after they have already been mailed to a candidate, however this service may be available with an administration fee attached.
  • Privacy Considerations: Before you submit your form, please note the following points:
    • TICO is required to submit basic identification information to Assessment Strategies Inc. (ASI), the testing company that facilitates the exam.
    • TICO will only release exam results to the person who wrote the exam. TICO requires written consent from an exam candidate in order to release exam information to a third party such as a supervisor or manager or trainer.
    • TICO will only send exam results to a third party if written permission from the exam candidate is received at the time the candidate registers for the exam process. If you want your results sent to a third party, please complete the Third Party Authorization Form .
    • Please note that the Third Party Authorization Form must be submitted (or re-submitted) each time you register to write (or re-write) the exam.
  • Checkout Form: You will find the names of all the candidates you have registered in the group listed here.
  • Payment Information: Please indicate your preferred method of payment from the choices in the drop box. (Visa, Mastercard, or Cheque)

    Credit Card: There may be a quick refresh of the screen after you choose which credit card you will use. Your choices are Visa or Mastercard. Please complete the areas marked with an asterisk (*) on the form. Then click "submit" for your credit card to be charged.

    Cheque: If you choose to pay by cheque, then click the submit button. You will be taken to a confirmation page that will show the amount that is to be paid, plus the list of confirmed candidates. There will be a prompt to "print the page". Please print the completed registration form, attach a cheque made payable to TICO, and mail the form and the cheque to: Travel Industry Council of Ontario, 2700 Matheson Boulevard East, Suite 402, West Tower, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 4V9. Your order will be saved in the system. Once TICO receives the form and the payment, the file will be processed.

  • Thank you for registering. You will receive a message on your screen advising you that you have successfully registered the group. This will include a Unique TICO Exam Registration Number that relates to the Group. You will be reminded at this point that if you did NOT list an exam date or a proctor, you will need to do so. There is a Print Page button if you would like a copy of this page.
  • Email Confirmation: You will receive an automated email confirming your successful registration and containing your Unique TICO Exam Registration Number.
  • Remember your exam date and time. No further reminders will be sent from TICO. Please review the section on cancellations and no-shows.
Click here to complete the New Group Registration Form English.